Providing a Gateway to Solutions

Flutzoo provides consultation services that cover areas such as: Blockchain, E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Marketing, Web/Application development, Outsourcing, and Ransomware Removal.


Application Development and  Outsourcing Consulting

Creating, consulting or product managing your application development, Flutzoo is here to help you.

Emergency Ransomware Response/Consulting

When your data is at risk and time is running short, you need a professional and Flutzoo is here to help.

Private Labeling

Let Flutzoo’s experts help you find the suppliers and manufacturers for your private label brand.

Online Marketing

When you need to get the message out, Flutzoo can help you target and deliver to your audience.

E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency Consulting

The merging of cryptocurrency and e-commerce presents significant challenges for most, Flutzoo can help.

Blockchain Analysis and Requirements Consulting

Being told you need to get into blockchain and pay a lot? Flutzoo can help you find out if you really need it.

Meet our team

Here are the guys behind the action at Flutzoo.

Bijan Bowen

Bijan is the CEO of Flutzoo.  He is also the lead developer and has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013.  He has extensive experience with E-commerce, Private label, and Blockchain. 

Fernando Tellez

Fernando is the media director at Flutzoo.  Fernando has experience in Content Creation, Management, Publishing and Distribution.  He is also a professional actor who has appeared in tv shows and ads.

Kevvaugh English

Kevvaugh is the design director at Flutzoo.  Kevvaugh has expereince in Graphic design, Content Creation and has extensive experience working for the Movie Industry.  He specializes in Marketing and Sales.