Application, Web and IT Development and Development Outsourcing Consulting

Flutzoo can work with you to either develop your application or provide consulting services and guide you through the outsourcing of your development. The success or failure of any project depends on the clarity of the requirements document. The requirements document is the basis of any bid or proposal and the number one source of failure for any outsourced development project. If you can’t articulate your requirements, how can they be delivered by your vendor? The second major cause of a project’s failure is selecting the wrong developer. Flutzoo can handle the development of your project, act as the Project Manager on your outsourced project or work with you to select, through a solicitation and bid, a developer that will enhance your project’s likelihood of success if you wish to project manage it yourself.

The development of a Mobile application is only part of the process. The app must be published and made available on the App Store, Google Play Store, etc. This process involves many steps and Flutzoo can guide you through these.

Flutzoo has worked with many clients on their mobile applications and has a library of stock applications including: Men’s Shirt Guide, Men’s Shoe Guide, Bitcoin Guide, Deflate Calc and Montell (a free AAC for the iPad allowing disabled individuals to communicate). 

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