Cryptocurrency Consulting and Emergency Ransomware Response

Flutzoo specializes in dealing with quick responses to Ransomware and Ransomware as a Service attacks. Most IT professionals are unprepared for a Ransomware attack and you cannot afford to risk your business as your staff tries to figure it out. The regulation involved with the Cryptocurrency exchanges mean that the verification period alone may exceed the time you have to pay the ransom on your data. Are you going to rely on your IT staff trying to find a source through craigslist when minutes count? Flutzoo has been involved with Cryptocurrency since 2013 and is prepared from moment one, to deal with your unique situation. Flutzoo has been the go to source for industry and IT professionals in their time of need.

Flutzoo is the developer and publisher of the, “Bitcoin Guide” which has been available on the App store since 2014.

Learn more about ransomware attacks: “Lucrative Ransomware Attacks: Analysis of the CryptoWall Version 3 Threat” 

“Lucrative Ransomware Attacks: Analysis of the CryptoWall Version 3 Threat”