E-commerce and Cryptocurrency

E-commerce is not new but choosing to integrate cryptocurrency into your environment brings with it a new set of challenges from setting, maintaining and adjusting prices in cryptocurrency, to records management necessary for tax reporting, to secure handling and management of the cryptocurrencies. Flutzoo advises business on how to deal with these challenges. Should you hold the cryptocurrency in-house, convert immediately to hard currency, and if so, where and how to sell your cryptocurrency. Many exchanges are suspect, many have closed in the middle of the night and fled with billions in cryptocurrency. How can you avoid this?

Can you afford to wait on accepting cryptocurrency? There are actions taking place now which can lay the groundwork for the elimination of a nation’s hard currency, such as is potentially being done in Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Peru, Spain and other nations. These nationwide biometric databases set the foundation for the development of national cryptocurrencies where those underserved by banks will have cyber wallets based on iris scans and all transactions will be visible, allowing governments to destroy underground transactions and collect taxes on every transaction.